Tag in Picture

The Tag-in-Picture feature, allows you to place a tag (any General or People tag) onto an image. You can think of this as placing a pin on the picture.
Useful for school and team photos, and for family gatherings. If you scan in old pictures, you can then "tag" each family member in the photo.
You can even place a tag within a video (only on the first frame though).
Tag in Picture feature  

Imagine we had a picture of a Great Uncle (Joe) during the war. There are five men in the photo. Normally we would have to say something along the lines of :
Great Uncle Joe is the man in the middle.
Note: Since he is in the middle, it is a pretty easy explanation of which one he is.



Within APM, we have the ability to directly place a tag within the image (e.g. On a person).

Here is the same example as above, but we have placed a "who-is-this" icon over the person.
And when you hover over the person's name in the tag list (Great Uncle Joe), the tag icon is highlighted. That way, if you have multiple tags within the photo you can clear see which one relates to which person.
Note: Because we had switched on age tracking (more on this later), APM even tells us how old Uncle Joe was when the photo was taken.

  Viewing tags in picture
  See the tutorial clip
Tag in Picture feature - Crowd Scene  

Now, let's take a more complicated image. Great Uncle Joe is in this image and we want to tell you where he is.
Great Uncle Joe is the man wearing a hat and a bluish parker, situated near the middle of the image, midway between the red-umbrella and the person wearing a red-rain coat front-center.
Did you find him?
And if you also wanted to make a general comment about this image, (Picture of Great Uncle Joe on a hill side watching the races), you would have to write that as well as the description of where he is.



Here is the same example as above, but using APM's Tag-In-Picture.
Hovering over Great Uncle Joe's tag, we see the tag icon highlighted in the image. And if we did have a picture caption (Picture of Great Uncle Joe on a hill side watching the races), that is all we need to write.

  Viewing tags in picture - Crowd Scene