30 Day Trial

This is the full working version of the program. The only difference between a licensed copy, and the Trial version is:
  • Trial version is limited to 30 Days use.
  • You need to request an evaluation code before using the software.
    Note: This should be emailed to you within a few seconds. If it doesn't arrive, check your spam filters.
  • Screen indicating days left on trial at start-up.
  • In the Trial version, you cannot remove the Rainyday software watermark on exported images.
  • Since this is a full working version of the program, when you purchase a licence everything is unlocked and you don't need to install, or loose any of your changes.

30 Day Trial


Download APM 30 day trial



  Download APM Demo program

Demo Version

This version of APM has the import of new images into APM disabled, so you cannot add any of your own images into APM.
However, it comes with a sample database with over 200 images (including some AVI's), so you can see for yourself DTS in action, the compare screen etc, and create and apply more tags (including your own) to the available images.
  • Nag screen on start-up (telling you this is a Demo version).

Upgrade Versions

Visit the archive for older versions, and beta versions (when available).

Review the System Requirements

Your computer needs these resources as a minimum to run APM :

  • Windows 2000, XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, or Windows 7. 
  • 512 Mbytes RAM (Note: This is more an operating systems restriction than an APM restriction).
  • At least 30 Mbytes available disk space for a default install.
    Note: The Demo version requires 300 Mbytes (due to the 200 sample images).
    Standard APM only requires 20 Mbytes of space after installation and deletion of temporary installation files.
  • 1024 x 768 or higher resolution with at least 256 colours.
    Note: APM will also work at 1024 x 600 (smaller laptops) but some of the screens may not display correctly. 

Download Instructions:


 Click on the link you require (APM, or APM Demo), and you should see :

Either save the file, or run the file (which will download the file to a temporary location, and then run it).


Installation Instructions:

When you run apm_setup.exe (or apm_demo_setup.exe), you may be presented with a "User Account Control" warning screen (i.e. in Vista). It should show the name of the program being run and it will have the publisher listed as Unidentified Publisher. This is OK and you should press Allow.

   Complete the following steps.

Form Heading


Set up – APM

Close all open applications and click Next.

License Aggrement

Review the license aggreement, click on I accept the aggreement, then Click Next.

Select Destination Location 

Check the location and/or change as required.  Remember to check you have enough free disk space.  Click Next.

Select Start Menu Folder 

Accept the default, change or check the box for ‘No Start Menu Folder’.  Click Next.

Select Additional tasks

Check the box if you want a Desktop Icon.  Click Next.

Ready to Install

Check the destination folder displayed, if incorrect Click Back to change, if correct Click Install.  If you are updating software you will need to confirm file overwrites.

Completing the APM setup Wizard

Uncheck the Box if you do not want to view the readme.
Uncheck the Box if you do not want to Launch APM and Click Finish.


Launching APM:

APM can be opened via the desktop shortcut (if created), from the program menu on your Computer, or from Explorer using the APM Application file.

First time starting APM.
You will be asked to enter an activation code (unless this is the demo version, where this step is skipped). If you don't have an activation code you can request one via email (use the "Request Eval code" button), and it should arrive within seconds (if it doesn't, check your spam filters/spam email folder).

When you click Next, you will be presented with the following:

Enter a password, and email.
Note: These are used to keep track of your activations of the software.

APM - Advance Photo Manager Copyright screen appears – this will show you whether your product is registered, or how many free days left you have to use the program. Click Contine to open the program. Or chose to enter a registration code or to purchase the software.


Once you have a registered copy of APM you can install the program as many times as you like.  This could be useful if you are storing and cataloging Photos for various people or organizations, and want to keep the catalogs seperate.
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30 Day Trial


Download APM 30 day trial




Download APM Demo program