Compare Similar Images

The APM Compare screen allows you to visually compare up to six images at once.
And when you find the image(s) that you like, you can tag these image(s) within the compare screen (so you don't need to remember the file name to tag later).  
Comparing Six Images
  You can zoom in on the images via the zoom trackbar, or by using the 100% option. Hopefully this will allow you to find the "best" image.
Within the images, you can pan-around to see different areas (if you are zoomed in).

If the picture area to review doesn't match up with the other images, switch of the move-together option and you can now zoom/move each image individually.
When you find images that you do not want, you can perform a number of different actions on the image(s):
  • Flag Image as Ignore, this also removes it from the compare
  • Flag Image as Delete, this also removes it from the compare
  • Just "Remove" the image from the compare screen.
    Note: You could even tag the image before removing it.
    Comparing - Remove Unwanted
    Comparing - Down to Three
      Every time an image is removed from the compare screen (via Ignore, Delete or Remove), the compare screen is dynmaically redrawn to only show the remaining images.
    I.e. From 6 images (3&3) to 5 images (3&2), to 4 Images (2&2), to 3 Images (1x3) and finally to two images.
    Note:If only one image remains then the Compare screen will exit!

    We are now down to three images to choose from.
    Would could zoom in again, but if we choose the magnify glass, we then have a discrete area to magnify (that way we can still see the whole image, but just enlarge a small area - maybe just an eye, or the mouth).
    With the magnify option, you can enlarge and position the area. There is also a magnification rate, so there is an independant zoom.  
    Comparing - Magnify specific area
    Comparing now tag the image
      When you find an image to use, press the tag image to tag that photo - no need to leave the comparison screen.
    Note: While this is the full tagging screen, you cannot "place a tag within the image" since that is only availble via the tag-in-picture screen.